Make A Donation

The total cost to save the “Jesus Saves” sign, fully restore it to working order and then display it on the current church property is roughly $15,000.

Needless to say, We could use your help!

If you wish to help by making a financial donation, please send a check to:

Garr Church
7700 Wallace Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28212

Write “Jesus Saves Sign” on the memo of your check and / or send a note along with your donation, specifying that it be designated to the “Jesus Saves Sign” fund.



~ by Alan on December 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Make A Donation”

  1. […] have.  Maybe you can do the same or even more.  Just please do your best right away.  Please make your contribution to Garr Church and let them know it’s for the “Jesus Saves… Please ask others to do the same.   If you like you can pass this along by forwarding it to your […]

  2. Garr Memorial brings so many happy thoughts for me and my family.
    My mom, Joyce McCorkle and I had so many awesome experiences at lURECREST CAMP, that I will never forget and so many outbreaks of total Joy and Laughter in the Lord. Meryle and Alfred are my spiritual heroes and one of the couples I admire most and pray my marriage will grow more toward the happiness I saw in them. They absolutely adored each other and the love of Jesus just oozed of them when they spoke to you. Paul and I were one of the last couples to be baptized at the old Garr church on Tuckaseege.
    So please help us raise this money to save the sign “JESUS SAVES”
    and carry on Rev. Alred Garr’s love for our Savior.

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